Monday, April 4, 2011

time for some snobbery

since i got divorced, moved my life, and have been settling in i haven't actually made myself a cup of coffee. sure, i've ordered coffee at IHOP and random coffee shops but i haven't had an honest-to-goodness self-made cup. and those who have ever had coffee with me know i always drone on and on about the 'crap called coffee' that restaurants serve and how "when i make myyy coffee..."
anyway, when i was married my husband ushered me into coffee snobbery, and here i have gladly stayed. so, while at the store today i decided it was time to buy myself some beans.

as i ground my beans the rich smell enveloped my soul and i settled into my new life just a bit more. (sadly, all i have is a little cheap blade grinder now. preston has the amazing burr grinder - which is way better for grinding whole bean coffee) i'm pretty sure i might have to work at a coffee shop soon. i've never been a barista but would looove to...and i feel i have fairly decent coffee knowledge considering.

if you even care, here are the little tips i've learned:
-grinding your own beans is always yummier than buying them ground (the fresher the better).
-store your beans and/or grinds in an air tight container & in a dark place
-most home coffee makers don't get your water hot enough to extract all the oils and flavors your bean contains. my fave coffee tool is the french press - boil water & add to the grinds. steep, press and serve. you can make it as stout as you wish and you get so much more flavor!!

whole bean sumatra. yumm.

 a coarse grind just for french press cofee

i LOVE my french press

see the oils on top? you can't get that from a normal drip coffee maker!

i could go on, but i'll stop at that. only half snob for today.  ;-)

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