Friday, July 31, 2015

Morning thoughts

I have a day off today and I'm looking forward to doing whatever I want, all day.
Rumi woke me up to go outside. Frankie wanted me to watch him eat. I'm trying to decide whether to make coffee or walk to a coffee shop and keep my kitchen free of heat. I'll probably bike to Goodwill. And spent some time in my garden.

Rae was just offered a permanent position at work, which means we'll be staying in Seattle for a while longer. Our escape route has not quite shown itself yet. Portland felt like such a perfect move but Rae needs more experience under the belt before moving and starting a career over. So here we are. Starting to look at houses again. It's a scary thought in this expensive, hard to get around city.

I had a work meeting last night that gave me a tiny sparkle of motivation. Of course, motivation is not what I seek. I enjoy cutting hair because I get to engage with people all day. I go home with notes of books to read, documentaries to see, people to connect with over this or that. And hair-cutting is a very tangible organizational movement. I like the completeness of finishing a haircut. I can do this for a while. I have plenty of other interests and I'm still looking into horticultural therapy. But for now this will sustain me and allow me the opportunity to expand my interest and social base.

I am ready for a change. Firstly, changing my activities. I started going to yoga at the park on Wednesdays. And biking always makes me happy. I have my volunteer commitment, cutting hair for homeless youth, but that's only once a month. And I'm feeling the need to branch that out in another direction. I want to be more involved in ecological systems here. My vermicompost bin is one of my newest favorite hobbies this year. Worms are so amazing! Making our scraps into black gold for the garden. Getting off topic now....
A more drastic change than just activities will be a house move. Buying a house means moving from NW Seattle to South. My commute will drastically change but I'm planning on biking it still. That might be just what I need to feel a bit more...engaged. I have daily life space-out issues.
A yard will be a dream. Or at least a garden next to my living quarters, and enough room for a few beehives. A place for Rumi to run and maybe even another dog! I'm excited for what's next. I'm ready.

I still haven't moved all my photos over to our new computer, or figured out how to link my phone. But here's a few I actually have saved here.

Carniolans & Italians, a comparison

Happy Friday!