Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just wanting to say

i don't know where i'd be without my friends. 
all of you, old friends and new, i love you so dearly.

sadly i don't have photos of all my amazing friends on my laptop b/c everything over 6 months or so has been moved to my external drive. but you know i love you anyway  =)

Monday, June 28, 2010


so i'm probably super behind on current music since i basically just listen to NPR and my cds...but i just heard "breakable" by ingrid michaelson on my tegan & sara pandora station.  

i needed to do something with some the words in this song because i love them and they're feeling especially true today.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

the morning after plan B

haha! that title just had to be used! the derby team we played last night was the B team for the national champs - Kansas City Roller Warriors. and yes, their B team was named "Plan B"

the night was crazy. i was knocked all over the floor, jammed a very ridiculous & tiring first jam, and went to the penalty box for the first time. we had some drama but our night ended having fun at the after party with our opposing team and dancing our fishnets off.

i hadn't realized until this past year how much i have been missing being on a team. from 9th grade through college i was with my track & cross country teams constantly. then i graduated college, got married, found a job & started my photography business. somewhere in the middle i started feeling that nostalgic ache. and then roller derby happened!

i have always had the most amazing friends ever. and they will always be there regardless of time, distance or situation. but i was delightfully surprised when when i joined roller derby and suddenly gained 10 or so new buddies that live in (or at least near) stillwater. and i can't imagine being without them now, all my 8-wheeled accomplices. i think we're all saving each other in little ways.

Mary Tyler Gore putting the jammer panty on Robin D'Cradle (yep, its called a panty)

before the bout, empty house. Robin, Gore, okc derby gal Rican Rage who joined us for the day & her man, and ref BOB

pivot panty and potato skins

Flogging Margot's awesome socks

i finally lettered my helmet


my only significant bruise from the night. i have no idea what i did to my pinky but it went numb for a while.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day!

to my dad...

the one who taught me diarrhea and booger songs
who gave me his nose
who pushed me when i needed it
who always let me be myself (weird)
who chased me from the side lines in almost every race for over 6 years
(once resulting in a torn achilles)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

life relocated

as i mentioned, we moved. yep, i can now say "moved" and not "are moving." although that does not mean we're unpacked! ha!

its been an emotional week. other than whatever crazy coaster my hormones were on i was faced with the overwhelming task of packing my life away. i know we only moved across town. and i know, people move everyday, across countries and over oceans. so our move is no big deal really! but i'm pathetically sentimental.

this last apartment had become home, even more than our first one. this was the apartment we lived in when i photographed my first wedding, started the design side of my business, and learned to poach an egg. we planted our own herbs on our balcony there, i rode my bike to bars midweek, began baking our own bread and drastically increased our recycling habits. i started roller derby there. three years of growth.

three years of learning more about ourselves and separating from our old lives, old habits. we've become more definite in our ideals and decisions. i've become more "me." preston keeps reminding me that i'll still be doing all these things in our new home...but its just my little sentimental heart. ah well.

those years of growth also meant we were busting at the seams (almost literally!)  i had about 50 more boxes of loot from design & photo work than the last time we moved and i don't think anyone could fathom how we fit all our crap into that tiny one bedroom apartment.  
-side note: i'm terribly indebted to our friends & family that helped us move-

so we're in our new place. hopefully it will become home soon enough when we get everything unpacked & situated. my little heart will be fine...


my bottle cap jewelry was featured on the blog for Uncovering Oklahoma!! yippeeee!!! Mr. Dennis Spielman was in The Dusky Jewel over the Paseo festival weekend and was apparently captured by my work! check it out!!

here's a little info about Uncovering Oklahoma...

Uncovering Oklahoma is a documentary series that features interesting places and things to do in Oklahoma for teens and young adults. The show covers everything from unique stores, great food to eat, places worth visiting, and activities to try. The goal is to show everyone places they’ve never even heard of before and make Oklahoma less boring. 

 photo by dennis spielman


still in the middle of moving apartments. still in shock. more coming soon....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the things you own...

we're moving this weekend. so now we're packing. and i might cry. 
whyyyyy do i have soooo much stuff!?!?!??  its amazing how much photography & design stuff i've collected in the past three years. i have boxes of paints, chain, cloth, backgrounds, paper of all sorts, a thousand types of glue & spray-paint, recycle/reuse projects. 
i'm quickly becoming detached to what i own. i probably should not watch Fight Club tonight or we will end up moving just our bed & toiletries. well plus my camera. but that would probably be it. and maybe it should be!
other than my photographic equipment, roller skates, bottle cap stuff & laptop there is really nothing else that i use on a weekly basis! why do i keep it? 
just in case. 
just in case one day i weigh what i used to weigh and i can wear those damn jeans again. 
just in case i get the crazy notion i can teach myself to paint again.
or the slim chance that i'll one day want to read my sappy high school journals and remember how boring i was. 

we've all heard it: the things you own end up owning you.

buried by belongings. its time to minimize.
i want to own only my freedom.