Wednesday, July 18, 2012


     Oklahoma's intolerable summer heat reigns over my body, but my insides feel the ocean spray and grey skies. Rae and I have been planning our move to Washington in some form or another ever since I delivered that first sangria the night we met. Or earlier, even.
     The heat of the summer must be adding to our burning coals because our steam is billowing, plans are gaining momentum. We are on month 17 of our 24-month countdown till we leave, but now we have sort of chunked that calendar in the recycling bin.

"Let's just go!" we would randomly say to each other in the midst of difficult days. Until one day recently we decided, "no really.....let's go."

After all, we can only save up so much money and pay off so much debt before there's something else to take care of before we go. Right now we're on a month-to-month rent basis. Neither of our phones are on contract so we can downsize to one phone that works where we're going. We can sell both our cars for something that will take us into mountains and snow, and right now I can ride my bike to both my jobs. The time is now!!! So we've moved up our begins the shedding of our material layers.

If steam is the product of the burning, going, doing, then these photos are my steam. I'm finding inspiration everywhere, a renewed passion for capturing these moments of making. 

our first beet! it looks so much like the one on my arm too!

swiss chard in the garden, freshly watered and happy

sunny afternoon living room

my lounging lover




perfect mornings, coffee and breakfast and preparation

Cheers to movement!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

july is hot as balls.

  Oklahoma years should skip from May to September. We don't really need July or August, right?! I'm over the heat, just like everyone else. But other than the garden tending and bike-riding to work I haven't really been outdoors much.
   I realize each week when I have an hour or two between salon and table-waiting (and Rae is at work) that - wow - I don't have much alone time. And usually my alone time is filled with pet-tending or mindless facebook wanderings. Upon home arrival Frankie "YOOOOOWWL"s because he is hungry. I sympathize, I'm hungry all the time too. And our new baby Jax (the rescued sparrow) "TWEEP!TWEEP!TWEEP!"s at me because, although we are weaning her and she absolutely knows how to eat her birdseed, she wants to be fed as well.
   Half an hour of feeding and attention between the two, then I make my salad lunch. Open a bottle of Abita Jockamo IPA and settle on the couch with Kinfolk for a soak-up-the-solitude read. My lovely friend Leigh lent the first three volumes to us after our own kinfolk dinner and drink the other night. Love, love, and love. Frankie gazes at the window (or the birdcage?!) through afternoon nap eyes. Jax warbles and preens herself. I read about solitude and reflection, and enjoy a little myself.
  If you haven't lately, make some time for You, whatever that may be.

Have a good weekend!

 morning coffee date with my lover

 new baby Jax

afternoon read and relax