Wednesday, June 29, 2011


i want to apologize for my recent absence, friends. since starting hair school life has been *crazy!*
in addition, i am currently putting all my energy toward getting Rae home for medical treatment for a leg wound sustained the first week in Africa. i had a lovely chat today with my sister friend rashel about positive energy and soul and spirit. it is amazing, this feeling - amidst the scariest thing i have ever felt i am comforted, hushed. the energy within me has been flourishing lately and for this i am giving all of it. protection for my loved one, safety, health, and peace.

Friday, June 17, 2011


i woke up on time
i got to chat with Rae (in Ghana) over facebook chat before his weekend travels
i did my first hair wash on my hair doll (who i named Coleman)
i performed my first roller set
had the most amazing grilled cheese & carrot cake lunch
bought some more black clothes for school and work

today = good

no, today = amazing

as i was washing Coleman's hair today it felt so natural, like i've done it before. i know, its just a hair washing - technically i haaaave done it thousands of times before on myself. but washing someone else (especially a detached head) is different. and it felt good.  while doing my roller set i was thinking "i have no idea what i'm doing!!! omagaaah, how did i get into hair school?! this is crazy!?"
crazy, and loving it. every day since i started i can't help but wonder why it took me so long to get on this train. i went for so long considering it, but i suppose now was the perfect time. it feels like my perfect path. life, i love you.

 coleman, waiting

 roller set!

break time with fellow newbie students! (yes, by the dumpster)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

in unison

my hair school instructor showed this video today. i've seen flash-mob stuff before, but for some reason the music + the magnitude + my thoughts lately have made this one more significant for me. as i watched it this morning i stared in awe, nearly teary-eyed in class just thinking of the implications of people working together. so i've been watching this at home, and i can't seem to get through it without crying.

something about the crowd, the movement, the message. one person, then a few, then a few thousand. just think of what we can do when in unison!
i've had a back-and-forth struggle with this thought today. feeling big in my own life - master of my destiny - truly happy - making changes that i can make on my own. but also feeling small and heavy-hearted with the knowledge of the human condition. there are countries full of drowning souls. poverty, racism, violence. there is so much we cannot touch. i feel gratitude and guilt almost equally. 
i realize i can't start anywhere else, but here. i'll play my role, you play yours.
and if we're all moving in unison we'll see what we can do.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

may this always continue

whoa. so, those past few weeks of "me" time i was able to wallow in were for goooood reason! holy hell! it's only day 2 of school and i'm already aching for a break. its not that school is hard, on the contrary actually. its just a lot of information, a lot of people, and a lot of stimulation. and then work at night. plus my last "free" day was spent in bed with a yuck stomach, which i still haven't shaken off and haven't been able to consume a full meal since. then there are weddings i need to process, bottle cap orders i need to fill, photos i need to make backups of, books i'd like to read...etc. but, i'm NOT complaining. just processing, and planning. and taking all my little moments to breathe. this is the life i want, and i'm loving it even if it feels 60 mph.

hair school at imagine-paul mitchell has been amazing so far. the first day was so affirming - beginning with being applauded as i entered the building and walked the corridor of clapping fellow students to my classroom. i'm in core class for 6 weeks and we started out going over the usual conduct information, but spent a lot of time on becoming who you want to be and figuring out your learning style. it was a flood of positivity and encouragement, everything that i have been feeling flowing through my life already just reverberated in this program. i love my instructor (who i knew from the Vine Salon & More that i frequented and had art hanging at in stillwater). the actual info we have started going over isn't too hard yet, but i shouldn't speak too quickly as tomorrow we learn to do finger waves. i've heard the stories. wish these little fingers luck.  :)

in other life news, i am connected with someone who is currently in Ghana, Africa. yep, this lovely human being here (Rae) --->

is working in the human rights office in Ghana, designing a training program to help educate teachers and volunteers for their role in reintegrating kids rescued from trafficking into their communities. they are also working on educating the local high school students about basic human rights issues. short sum for some very big work. there is so so sooo much more to it than i will attempt to explain, and so much more i haven't even heard yet. but it blows me away.
i only met Rae a handful of weeks ago, but i have not been the same since. i am constantly challenged, inspired, stretched. i aspire to change things, even if its just within my own life. don't we all know, in the end, we all have the capacity to change another life just by living our own passionately?! we all have our parts, roles we play. i know i'm in mine, where i need to be, because i'm stretching now.
stretching, unfolding, changing. every day. and may this always continue.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

out, around, and home.

sometimes life catches you by surprise. you realize what matters, what you want, who you are. days go by and you give due time to the necessities and then reserve the rest for your soul. heart time. days without watches or clocks, computers or electrical connections. you just live.
i've had that time and now i'm back for a while. back to catch up on photography jobs, document my thoughts, or lack thereof, reorganize my changing life. i start school on tuesday. i'll be busy with finding a way to keep my job(s) while in school, working on my weddings i've just photographed, and adjusting to a whole new 40 hr/week life. here goes nothin'. here goes something, everything.




luna moth at norman art walk