Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It's morning here on the west coast. I sit at the desk with my coffee, determined not to get sucked back into bed. Any moment the sun will rise over the buildings and light up this room. I assume it will, anyway, because this morning its clear enough to see Mt. Rainier in the distance.

First autumn in the NW. And our first winter to come. The weather has cooled now, maintaining a pretty constant 50 degrees. I don't mind, as it comes with falling leaves and scarves.

I started a tumblr a week or two ago, finding it's image medium to be more to my liking. I haven't blogged in months and always feel a sense of failure after so much silence. So I dive into something new, only to find I have something left for this space. I've been feeling this as a time of fewer words, more feeling. I'm not face-timing, calling or connecting with all my Oklahoma loves as much as I should. I feel I have nothing to say, or at least very little. For now I am simply being. I work 6 days each week, sometimes seven. I probably drink too much beer. I burn my toast/bagel at least once a week because I'm so distractable and shouldn't leave the oven on broil. (I'm eating a burnt bagel now, actually. Ugh.) I'm more of a hermit than I planned on being.

I am happy to be here, but already dreaming of what's next. We're trying to decide where we want to be, how much we can afford, how far we might have to commute for work. Ready for land and a home and some room to spread, and root. My roots are growing in this Pacific mist but still haven't found my earthing place. I am an air plant, suspended in a glass globe amongst the Seattle morning fog. It is good, for now.

Mt. Rainier

morning sun at the Locks

Salmon Bay

Cheers & love