Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pre-Launch Prep

We've got less than three weeks until launch. The nervous moths have begun their rounds in our tummies. We have a general plan and a general target, but everything in between is fluid.

Aghhhhohhhmyygooood! {excited freakout}

Last week we made the savings deposit that put us at our goal amount.
Today I paid the last of our debt (other than school loans, of course, which follow you forever. But those will be deferred until we find jobs).
My salon schedule is full and I'm picking up extra bar-tending shifts.
We still need to get a bike rack, seal Scampi's under-parts, figure out the heater, and other last minute details. Every single day until we leave is scheduled with something. That feels weird for me, since I'm not a planner. I am trying to squeeze my family/friend love goodness in between all the tying up of loose ends. And I'm exhausted.

But good exhausted. Going somewhere, working my ass off for something very real and near exhausted. I imagine it somewhat like a mother just at the end of labor. It's been a long (LOOONG) road but so, SO worth it.
I expect this journey will be equal parts vacation, work, and learning experience. It's going to be interesting finding a (preferably free) place to park Scampi and sleep at night for three months. Eating without spending tons of money is another feat we're attempting. We're open to picking up random jobs along the way and selling our art so I suspect we will be in constant go mode. We shall see. This is something neither of us has ever done, so we'll make it what we want.

Subject switch. I'm sitting at Whole Foods for the interwebs and warming my back against the cool early-spring sun. I take care of my business but can't help but overhear from the next table a tale of struggling relationship. She loves him but doesn't want to move with him, he talks to other girls, she wants it to work out, she wonders what will make it a more fulfilling relationship. I forget about how that feels. I forget about how maintaining something like that just begins to feel "normal" after a while. It took me a while to get it right, so I'm not looking down my nose at anyone. I just wish I could walk around telling everyone that they deserve the best, and that fairy tale loves are real!

{Cheese Warning!!!!}

Relationships aren't by nature always easy. But in my opinion the right ones, by nature, are stable in spite of daily craziness and emotional theme parks. I readily admit Rae and I have had breakdowns (especially living together in a 13x7 space with a large dog) but underneath the temporary mess has always been a solid foundation. I feel the same for him now as I did when we first connected. I feel more, actually, as it happens with love over time. We were together immediately, without explanation. And every day we dance a series of push and pulls, give slack and pick up, switch the sails and watch each others backs.
I told a coworker the same thing a couple weeks ago when she said that "fairy tale shit doesn't exist." I felt like glitter and light were suddenly shooting out all my orifices as I proclaimed "oh HELL yes, it does!" I hate glitter. But I love this love.
I am so blessed/lucky/karma-kissed to have found my person.

my lover, selling people organic groceries (and me being a creeper)

Have a lovely week, friends!

OH! Also, I want to say congrats to two lovelies:
My dear friend Leigh (check her blog bromeleighad) for rocking her first art show (and winning the Curators award on top of it!) I have kept a heart-string connected to her since our running days in Stillwater and I'm so excited to see her passion exploding and inspiring others.
And Erin (beautiful momma of Starving Artist Ink) who gave birth to her little #2 this morning at home with her family. So perfect.