Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I write this from the office of the house we just bought. (That makes it sound bigger than it is...its tiny.) But its mine...ours. With a yard for Rumi and the bees and cultivating soil and food and love.

I didn't see this happening so soon. By that I mean 'so easily.' This is a city ruled by tech industry and money, neither of which we are a part of. But we looked far enough out and with such requirements that I don't think we were part of a multitude. Seattle is low-property, high-accessibility focused. Where we we had been living/renting since our move was an up-and-coming area (close access to Amazon headquarters, lots of new developments, restaurants and bars within walking distance, etc). I enjoyed it - the parks nearby, the neighborhood, the quick commute to work. But I was ready for a change. I knew life would be different and every day I biked to work along the canal trail I soaked up every ease and beauty. My routine, walk to the bank with Rumi, take her to play ball at the Locks, walk to the brewery for beer. Then we moved.

The Locks
Ballard-UD bike commute

We moved 15 miles South of our apartment. Not much, in the Midwestern terms I'm still used to. But in Seattle, North to South can feel like an astronomical distance because of the water and traffic congestion. I was ready to feel alone, for the sake of a yard and investment, instead of steadily increasing rent prices. I cycled my way to work that first day, 14 miles. Lots of hills. I biked the high ridge of Seattle and made it on time, sweating like a 14 yr old boy at summer football practice. (Just allow me the drama....)

And that was it. I was at work, like usual. I biked past some of the same places, but then I biked through all these neighborhoods and districts I had never spent time in. Places I was afraid I might never see again. I have a couple of different routes I can take to work, and all take me right through the heart of the city. I am feeling more connected with this city than I was when I lived in it. I posted an instagram photo stating such of a shot from my bus stop downtown.

Bike commute to work

So, here I am. A house, a job I'm comfortably working, pets and a lover/best friend. Now that I know my location, schedule, and commute I can start planning the next page. It probably involves school. I'm not excited about reopening my financial aid for more funds but I'll do it. I'm ready for more. I'm a Helper, and idealist, a huge gushing heart that won't be happy with just my own comfort. There are so many things that need to change. I know my avenue is people. And I know my passions are where they are for a reason. Cheers to the mystical mixture of love, life & work!

Rumi's dewey nose after morning fetch
Happy kittens Keiro and Augustus

View of the backyard morning after move.

And at mid-day