Sunday, January 31, 2010

weekend relfections

delightful weekend!  i'm not sure if it was anything in particular or everything combined...but it has been one of those rare weekends that leaves you feeling full and warm on a sunday night (even if you are beginning to feel the sunday night blues).

long, snowy evenings in with preston, cuddled in our comfy clothes watching movies. sleeping late and greeting the day with earl grey, reading, petting kitties...

(my 1945 illustrated printing of Wuthering Heights arrived! i'm loving it!!)

orange tree & shopping, taking photos in the snow & ice in downtown stilly...

homemade yellow curry (made by my man of course) and wine, enjoying the cold air and foggy windows.

and photos of amy in the snow...

she was pretty amazing standing around in her sweater dress & boots! my feet were pretty well frozen, i can't imagine how her knees felt! but worth it i believe!

ahhhhh, the weekend!

now full and warm, i'm realizing how much i'm enjoying the time i have here. a town we don't particularly enjoy, a place in our lives that we so often wish to escape. we're learning to create the life we desire today instead of continually dreaming about the future. it feels good, making things happen!

enough sap for today.....hope you had an amazing weekend too!  =)