Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Joooon 13

This week is my first official week as a booth-renting hair stylist! woot-woot! Loving it so far. If you live in OKC, come see me.  :)   Oh yeah, I'm at Starlite Salon on NW 23rd in the Paseo. Photos to come soon!
Other than loving my salon life, I started some jewelry projects today. I haven't done that in a while and it was a nice change of lazy afternoon time consumption. I'm excited to hang my wares around my booth for sale so I was inspired to finally work on these pieces I have been planning for a while now.

I couldn't resist the little blue molded frame, it might stay in my jewelry box. ;-)

I've had these cute little pendants for a while so I'm finally collaging them. A final dip in epoxy and then necklaces and I shall sell!

Rae has been itching for an OKC Thunder Up shirt, so we went to Shop Good today to get one. There a percentage of a number of their goods are returned to Sunbeam Family Services, a local nonprofit just a block from our apartment that assists the disadvantaged of all ages in the community. Sunbeam is also where Rae is currently trying to get a job, so we chose our local purchase with that in mind.
Dear Universe - please and thank you!

And dinner. Enough said.

Oh yes, I'm also blonde again. Blonde and moonlight blue. I wish you days of blonde and moonlight too. <3

Friday, June 8, 2012

friday - the beginning

While everyone else ends their work week ours is just beginning. Rae went back to work today after the 10 day post-surgery recuperation. I packed a lunch and cooked breakfast, kissed him off to work like a good little housewife. And now its so quiet here. BUT - I am starting my salon job today! Last minute thing really, I found out yesterday when my test will be (-forever away-) so just as I was going to contact the salon they contacted me, "wanna start tomorrow?!" Hell. Yes.
Perfect timing. The beginning of another new life, after a period of rest. It also probably means I'll be working every day, like I did during school, since I'm keeping my role as beer wench for a while. But I can deal, everything is close to home. Everything's feeling good!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a nurse's reflection

Whoa. What day is it?!
This past week has been a vacation of involving cooking, cleaning, holing up in our tiny apartment and playing nurse for my lover. I don't realize how much Rae does around the house until he has to sit on the bench for a while. We found that I'm not as terrible at cooking as suspected. We worried about my cooking skills, thinking we would be eating grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghetti for 10 days. We did have some backups with friends and family bringing us meals, and that has been amazing.

The last few weeks have gone like this:
May 17ish - we've been together for a year. From the very first moment.
May 24 - graduate from Paul Mitchell
Weekend - work crack off to save $
May 29 - Rae's surgery
May 29 thru now - stay in apartment watching X-Files on Netflix, leaving only for doctors appointments and to take photos at Disco Bloodbath. 

I'm waiting for my state board test date to come in the mail so I will know when I can start working. And I'm really excited about working! I'll be at Starlite Salon on 23rd Street in OKC. So close to my house I can walk to work!
I have been enjoying all these days with Rae, nothing between us save sleep. Every couple of days I get the dreadful pang that this will have to end because work is nearing, but every time a relief washes over me - I will never dread my job again. I'm starting something I love, an outlet for my soul. I can wear what I want, be who I am. *sigh* Yesssss.

Today will be another perfect day together. We were awakened by the thunder and rain. Had our coffee on the sidewalk under the tree until we got too wet. The sun sits back today, letting the clouds have their moment. Our blinds are open for the day, like our eyes, and hearts.


one bloom for one year

anniversary dessert and champagne


venture outside for sunset