Tuesday, November 23, 2010

dark come soon

the lovey Tegan & Sara

Everything I say, I say to me first
Everything I do, I do to me first

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the new header...

so my lovely derby friend Robin D'Cradle (jules) posted the quote on her page one day.

"i may not have gone where i intended to go, but i think i have ended up where i needed to be." - douglas adams

i'm a fan of douglas adams anyway ("so long, and thanks for all the fish!") so i thought it was cool...plus it perfectly fits my life at this point. so i just wanted to say a bit about that...

i'm not really a planner. i kinda go with the flow and let life happen, only making decisions when it really comes down to the wire. but i'm an idealist. and idealist who i'm discovering is not a realist as i had indulged in thinking, but actually a pessimist.

idealist + pessimist = daily disappointments & depression   (but i'm getting better.)

anyway, the point being that my lack of planning abilities/desires usually lends to my less than lovely mood when a less than ideal situation arises. and the idealist part of me screams out in agony that life isn't perfect (while my pessimist side convinces me that i better just get used to it...)

but somehow in the middle of all the "me" i'm so caught up with all the time i find myself in the perfect place. it just happens while you're not looking. i never planned to be living in stillwater. i never planned to be divorced. i never planned to be 28 and on my own, re-deciding what to do with life. but i've ended up where i need to be.
but happy...definitely.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

saturday morning work

i got up before 9am on a saturday!!!  i'm working on some wedding photos and on a mission to get them finished & uploaded to my website by noon, and forgetting my steeping earl gray in the meantime. i seriously need to not walk away from my tea unless i have a timer.

life and i have somehow met in the middle. i've been a bit behind-feeling for the past few weeks but now i seem to have caught up. or at least my head has caught up. finally.

random photo. i'm in love with my new 8 gauge ear bones!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

random (it is thursday after all)

random list. why i'm happy:

1) yay for thursdays!

2) i am in love with this season and sooooo glad its finally cold enough to wear a coat to work!

3) looking forward to seeing friends this weekend that i haven't seen in way too long

4) looking forward to spending time outside today, near horses, and people i love

5) i'm getting breakfast at work today!

6) hopefully my new point & shoot camera will come in the mail today (and hopefully it will not suck)

7) love

sorry i don't have any photos for you. i'm still camera-less but hopefully there is a new SLR in my near future....or at least a fix for mine. before i go crazy. happy thursday!