Monday, December 31, 2012

Another One

Another one down. Another month, another year, another savings deposit and another payment to debt. Another step closer to our dreams, and another crucial space in between to remind us that "another" will wait for now.
I love all these steps with you, Rae, and all of our nows. Even the 5am trek with blankets in hand through rain and mud nows. Wet dog and cold, snowy feet nows.
If I'm still working by midnight you know I'll be kissing your soul, and I'll know the same of you.

Farewell to this year of work, love, saving, doing, being and moving. Hello, now.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

White Sheets

  It happened Christmas morning as we dressed and pushed our sleepy bodies out of the warm womb of Scampi - our dry Oklahoma dirt was delicately sprinkled with snow!  Christmas white sheets.

  I always loved holiday snows but this one was a bit different as trekking to and from the house through the yard for bathroom use made the prospect a little less than ideal. But it came and we have survived our first snow in the camper.
(Needless to say, I ordered myself a new pair of boots with lots of this sort of trekking in mind for the future.)

Rumi was ecstatic about romping around in the cold.
my sweet snow pup!
(these boots are not warm.)
housemate snow fight
* snug inside*

berries for the birdies

  I've not yet begun to make my summations of the year. I'm trying to remain here, earthed.  We still have so many things to take care of before we embark, so much money to save and plans to make. I find myself either losing patience or floating in outer space, my go-to distractions. Living in the camper hasn't made us go crazy or hate each other, but it has definitely turned up the refining heat. All sorts of things are coming to the top and I'm narrowing.
Minimizing, in soul form. Desire is what you let it be.

Cheers for your holiday!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Winds Change...Again

As of my last entry I was holding on to sanity. Living on the NW corner of Oklahoma City in suburbia was beginning to take its toll.
Correction - had already taken its toll.
It took me some weeks to realize the depression I had sunken into wasn't just seasonal. I'm still finding my way out...but these are some changes that have helped:

1) Rae quit Sprint!

2) Rae then began picking up shifts again at The Wedge, a local pizza shop, as well as landed a job at Whole Foods! Woo-hoo! Jobs that make for a happier lover.

3) We decided (since the one job close to my dad's where we were living no longer existed) we should move closer to the jobs we had. "Why not live out of the trailer now!?!" So we moved into the backyard of Clementine, an artist community house owned by one of Rae's long time friends, and where my Frankie kitty also happened to be living.

moving across town!

4) We got a dog. Rumi, a 17-month old German Shepherd who was no longer going to be housed/trained by K9 University because she wasn't driven enough. She's a lover. And she belonged with us. 
"it's bright out here!"
Camper Pup

It has been interesting, but we figured we should go ahead and get all the kinks worked out of living in our Scampi before we hit the road. So here we are!

After moving in we crashed - physically and emotionally. In our recuperation we began realizing how our environment had been so out of synch with our souls. We loved seeing my family and having a warm, comfortable room to sleep in. But you can't ignore the heart needs. Sometimes things just change. And sometimes you have to make them change.

A dear friend made this quilt for us!

Parked in our new yard

The desk from which I post now

I'm still processing the magnitude of what we are about to do (and are already doing every day) but one very simple, solid point keeps me together - I share this with my person. A heart, mind and body that is intrinsically in tune with my own. I'm beyond words.