Saturday, February 27, 2010

there must be a game today

living in stillwater was fun during college. game days promised smiling faces and a town full of orange hype. the fight song played everywhere and the streets glowed with school pride. as an athlete i got into games free...of which i went to a total of 3 (2 football and 1 basketball....all either in freshman or sophomore year).  i went to the games merely because i could and i didn't have to pay. but i hate sports so the 3 were plenty.
i admit to loaning my athletic perks (in the way of a photo id) to some game crazed non-athlete friends just out of sheer guilt for the waste it was becoming in my possession. at least someone was getting to enjoy the advantages that i cared nothing for. i still don't feel guilty for that.

but now i'm long out of college. i enjoy my saturdays zumba-ing, taking photos and generally lounging around this ridiculously tiny town. late lunches in the warm sun and shopping and antique stores for hours with no other commitments.

until they appear.
and i realize, there must be a game today.

it happens slowly. one by one i begin to spot orange shirts. before i know it i am surrounded by a wave of them. the already cramped streets begin to bluge with explorers, escalades and hummers (they love to cut you off and drive over curbs to get where they want). the sidewalks are stricken with orange-shirted game zombies and stupid kids who jump into the streets when their parents aren't watching. i always imagine the hitchcock movie "The Birds" except in this case the predators are middle-aged alumni coming to relive their college glory and remind those of us still here that this was "their town first!" caw-caw-caaaww!!!

like i said, i hate sports. and in general i detest most sports fans (if you haven't figured that one out yet, and its mostly football & basketball). i do have friends that are fans...but all of those friends are awesome in so many other ways that i can forgive them this flaw (don't worry guys, i do love you!)

anyway, today is one of those days. we blindly went out to chipotle for lunch and when we sat to eat we began to notice many of them. all in orange. everywhere. i'm sure someone knows, is there a game today? and i won't even guess what sport...because i'm that oblivious.

eat fast and let's go!

backgrounds hmmmmm

i think i am in love with my new background. i think its me. crazy, green, scattered and a little annoying maybe. haha!  it remind me of the kitchen chairs my grandma had when i was a kid. and the highchair that we all used...possibly including my dad & aunt!?

just tryin it out for now. i like the clean slate of a white page (and that's new for me!) but maybe i need some color. lemme know if it makes your eyes hurt.

and YAY for weekends!!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

come quickly friday

i am beat! i was fine 3 hours ago...then i biked, then zumba, then food. and now i feel like i could pass out until morning.  the whole foods experiment is going well and i've lost weight in the past week! yeeaaaa! its nice to fit into my pants again. although i have to say i am still craving dr. pepper and dying for a huge piece of CAKE!!!

but good news...i ordered a necklace display box from a wonderfully crafty fellow on etsy and it just came it today!!! it will be perfect for art shows & easily transportable. yay!!  i also had a $71.00 trip to hobby lobby yesterday (and all my purchases were between 30-50% off!)  i bought a brand new print case so i can carry around my huge prints without banging them up in my car. and a new bead/jewelry case that i organized last night and has made me very excited about coming up with some new pretty things to wear & sell for the spring!

if you haven't noticed yet, this is just a super random blog because there's nothing specific in my head. i'm just pullin' stuff out of the spinning circle of crap above my head.

and now for some photos....

me & scout at her daddy's black belt test (which was crazy intense and it made me wanna start running 80 miles a week again and race like crazy)

and blaine!

i don't know why i love shots like these, i just do. 
its home. its daily. its us.
he doesn't like the photo, of course.

vday flowers from my man! *sigh*

thursdays are days for rambling, i believe.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i want to give up

this whole food thing is taking a lot of thinking. thankfully sushi was my savior for lunch today. salmon, avocado, cucumber, seaweed & rice. ok, and cream cheese. but that was the only processed part. not too bad, right?  other than that one thing i'm still on track. i know, it's only been 13 hours. still. i'm hungry.

because i can't stop and discomfort

    i'm feelin pretty good 6 days into lent...other than my dr. pepper cravings that have just barely subsided. it's like crack...i hear people in my department at work opening dp cans, and i know its dp!!! not coke or sprite...i can tell its that dp crack that i'm craving so desperately. pitiful.
   anyway, i've been feeling good. working out more, losing some sugar weight, feeling motivated to go further. so i've decided to do a week of completely unprocessed foods. this is how we're supposed to eat anyway so i should be doing this all the time. but just a test for now to help me pay more attention to my ingredient intake....
   basically i'll just eat natural foods. and by 'foods' i mean all real foods from the earth (& maybe animals too....i'm not a huge meat eater so we'll see how hungry i get).

can't eat - bread, pasta, bagels (which i love with cream cheese), cereals. and its not just the "carbs," there are plenty of other processed things like salad dressing but i don't feel like listing all of them.

can eat - fruits, veggies, nuts, berries, meat? and i figure i'll allow dairy cause its mostly natural. cheeses & cottage cheese are just molds anyway, right?  plus i'll prob need the carbs & fat so i don't go crazy because i'm normally a carb-phine. plus people just need fat.

but i'm only doing this for a week.

ok, let's say until this saturday for now.
this means i'll have to do some more grocery shopping. and just a clarification...this is not a diet! i'm really just wanting to familiarize myself with the meals i can make with fresh, whole foods. hopefully i'll start craving real foods and making better food decisions that are not based on convenience.

and i'm starting now....

dinner tonight. 
steamed carrots, broccoli & asparagus. mmmmm. just got them from a new asian market (crepe myrtle market) in stilly that we're super excited about.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

i decided....

i decided to go ahead and post my photo project stuff here (even though i already posted the link to my facebook album). it'll be long and i don't like most of the photos. i shot some of them on my canon demi half frame (film) and some on my 70s film minolta, and the rest on my digital canon. both the film cameras have a pretty vague focusing symbols - on the lens of each are etched drawings of one head, two heads, group of people & mountains. i'm pretty sure the single head means 3ft away, on and on from there. kinda confusing.
but here they are...
upon waking

painting my craft show displays white (shot with my minolta)

neighbor's door

freezing my crack off while painting

morning hair. yuck

blurry frankie. i shot this with my 70s minolta on 200film

getting bottle cap pins & magnets ready to take to the dusky jewel

fogged up of my feet in the bath tub. i kinda like the green anyway

overexposed. driving on hwy 51

shock. i thought i was gonna get pulled over. but the cop passed and got the genius that passed me right as we drove by the cop. whew!

sapulpa auto pool in okc

terrible chopped off photo of my dashboard while driving

nicole @ the dusky jewel

nicole & teena

jewelry tree!

we'll not talk about this.

driving by remington park

 amazing window

jen & casey doing makeup for her niece's cirque du soleil birthday

bear sunbathing


pizza i was eating, and jen



self portrait

everybody hangin in the kitchen

kelly in a bright flash & partly covered by my huge lens

tweeeens. so preeeetty

jen playing with her mom's new puppy

driving toward the mall

looking for a parking space @ penn square

shopping at sephora with rashel!

at american eagle with rashel, getting her man some jeans

following her home

chopping myself out of the photo

playing on the computer

rashel learning the ropes of her 'new' old film camera

and taking photos with it!

ordering mexican for delivery

my dear dp. recently given up for lent. *sigh*


i love this photo of us! pretty typical

little miss sunshine

driving, talking on the phone, taking photos. very illegal i'm sure. bad me


hwy 33
home. and blurry 

fingernail bag

organizing bottle caps

checking facebook

staring at the ceiling

super blown out photo of frankie. i hate the flash


laying on the bed