Thursday, August 9, 2012


I'm going back through my photos and remembering all the blog ideas I had but haven't yet manifested. So, here is one. About dinner. Dinners, I should say. Rae and I have been realizing more and more lately how significant food and communion is to the soul and relationship. And I suppose now that we're moving from one living space to another I can look back and say that the most meaningful moments at our apartment on 21st Street are the dinners together.

We are taking more enjoyment in our preparation - Rae doing the chef's dance of timing and heat over the stove and I lounging back with camera and wine. And the meal - the seasoning on a delicious dish of shared pleasure.

 this beet
became this meal

pesto-crusted chicken (pesto made from a combo of ours and a dear friend's basil), the beet and its greens (from our garden), and rice. And of course, the wine - Casal Garcia (our new reasonably priced white summer favorite).

*bliss on a plate*

the love and I

Put pleasure on your plate!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This morning I plant myself in the middle of the living room floor with my coffee. This is where our couch used to be, but now this wooden floor lays bare (save the little rug I have placed here for my bony ankles.) I'm surrounded by sectioned groups of stuff - take, sell/donate, storage. Here is where I find myself paused every time I move, mid-move. After the organizing, labeling, packing. Before the massive heaving of boxed sentiments into trailers/vans/donation centers. There in the middle is a quiet moment, my time to reflect on all that is happening.
I've found my move groove here.

Leaving this apartment will mean leaving my favorite home. Of all my homes this has been my most loved. I'll miss the doors that never latch shut the first time, the telephone stand and these huge windows illuminating our days. The bedroom ceiling that let the summer sky rain on us that one night and the 3am train that screamed "WAAAAKE UUUUUP!!!!" (and successfully so for the first few months).

All that I'll miss is now filed under "Love," and I move on with the current. We've combined our two four-cylinders into eight, sold most our furniture and decided what's going make it in the move to Washington. No farewells for a bit still, we are just minimizing and saving money before the move. But for now I'm loving every day at the salon and still filling my Rae-less weekends with some table-waiting. Whenever my 7-day work week allows me quiet moments I take them, especially mid-move.

  Cheers to the next step!