Friday, July 29, 2011


july was a blur! quickly passing. rae, class, working, photographing home births and engagements and pregnant tummies, editing all my june weddings and ! *whew*

my {very rare} free hours are spent photo-editing and recharging. when i begin to get frantic about my lack of time i just imagine those hours i spent just letting myself be. i deserved those hours, days, months. and i cherished every moment knowing that i would soon be starting something new and staying busy (although at the time i didn't know exactly what that would be.) i know this is exactly what i need. i'm re-learning time management....or at least attempting to. haha!

anyway, here are some shots of late...

my final mens haircut! yay!
also - passed my core cosmetology class with flying colors! on to taking customers! agh!

kitty stalking

carrot pulling/water hose attacking!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

all i gotsta say is....

rae is home. safe. healing. resting.
i am catching up on photo work. 
soaking in this life. 
i am drenched in loving.
and being loved. 

 (also, happy 4th!)