Thursday, May 26, 2011

crop consternation

after my first round of seed plantings were unsuccessful (blaming frost) i planted round two. but didn't think about labeling the rows. "ah, i'll remember what they are!"(...insert scoff here...)

my "herbs" had grown like crazy these past few weeks and i was grateful. but still a bit disappointed that the only thing i had were herbs. i had planted carrots, lettuce, strawberries, bell peppers and jalapenos. i've gotten one or two nice tiny strawberries, but that's it thus far.
so every day as i diligently watered i entertained just a bit of bitterness. herbs. hmm. sure. i'll use them. i'll water them. they're going to be the best damn herbs ever, because that's what's growing for me right now!

then yesterday as i watered i decided to pull up a little green shoot. i thought it was parsley. but noticed it was strangely familiar to the little carrots i had encountered at homeland the night before. lo and behold...when i pulled the green stalks....a gorgeous orange root did emerge from my earth.


needless to say, i was ecstatic. i pranced from garden to house to garden, fetching my camera, bowls, and whatever else i might need for some happy-go-lucky-harvesting.

the whole situation made me many things in our lives might we miss by neglecting to nourish what we think isn't productive? or at least not productive in the ways we would prefer? probably more than i'd like to admit, speaking for myself. but the past months have left me tending every last, lonely little plant. i have been paying more mind to nourishing myself in places i had for so long forgotten. the little things. but it felt right. so i did it. and now here's crop. carrots. peace. open doors. closed windows. perfection in timing and a little kiss on the cheek from the universe.

"hey kid, you're in the right place."

it's nearly unexplainable, this peace. this life.

ecstatic new earth momma

also, i found i have wild onions growing in my backyard, so i pulled up a handful of those as well. <3

* cheers to growth, harvest, diligence *

Sunday, May 22, 2011


i’ve been hushed. 
my avid proclamations of self lowered to a mumble, and then to silence. i felt life stirring, the pulling of the undercurrent. so i let my little hands release the banked branch to which i had been holding. the river cradled and carried me away in its fluid arms. 
tumbling, spinning, dancing underneath the surface of the water. 
a soundtrack reverberates through my soul. raw banjo melodies, harmonicas and reedy voices. 
something has changed. everything has changed.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

barefoot and breathing

i begin to wonder about this person i am becoming. this "me" that is evolving as everything inside me intertwines with all that is around me. it is frighteningly promising, but equally delicate. breakable. and i can tend to sabotage myself. i'm keeping myself inside this photograph, to rest. to learn. to listen.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mumford & Sons - The Cave

i was originally going to post another video...but as i was working this one came along. 
and it was more fitting. 
i <3  this whole album.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

homecoming happiness

as i mentioned before my kitty is home, and we are finding new joy in each others company. we've changed the dynamic that was in place for so many years past and now it seems we have a new life together. just the three of us, my kitties and i. 
i hope changes like this are always possible in life. 
absence, reemergence, forgiveness and moving forward. 
realizing that holding on to past offenses only weakens the gait of our walk ahead.

i <3 lazy afternoon kitty yawns

* here's to changing, growing, loving *
happy sunday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

can i get a "heeelll yeah!"

since i moved here i have been planning on getting a japanese maple for my front flower bed but had been waiting since the smallest ones i found were $40. this weekend i made the plunge, and to my surprise the tree rang up as $15! yay!! so while preparing to plant my tree yesterday my neighbor tells me that he has caught allie in his workshop! double yay!!!
so my baby kitty is home! she's skinny and dirty but she came home a new lady - she loves me! she was preston's cat and was still never fond of me after he moved but 4 weeks in the rough and i think she's grateful to be home. <3
mom came over to help me plant my tree. it was a perfect monday. i have my tree. i have my kitty.

also, more garden photos to come soon. i've done some moving & changing. i replaced my sunflowers with tomatoes, peppers and basil. and my strawberry plant is producing! yay!

my front flower bed!

my lovely new japanese red maple

by the end of my dirt day i turned off the water hose and stood here a minute at my fence to soak in all that is my home.