Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Waking Up.

   I live in a 13x7-foot space, with my person. Only duffel bags to hold our clothes, cabinets for the things we'll use on the road, and a rug for our German shepherd. Our camper is cute. It's warm at night and fun to hang out in when the setting sun warms our West windows.
It will be amazing when we're on the road, out in new land to explore. But we're still in Oklahoma. And in day-to-day life sometimes it feels our belts are too tight. It's more than the familiar stir crazy, its the uncle who taught him everything he knows about making people crack.
   I escape into the clouds of nothing above me, my "unconscious" bailing out when stressed. I fall asleep at the life wheel. I am an expert at focusing on "now" and doing what I need to get through a work day or weekend or a thousand plans and things to do. But I'm not so expert-y on planning ahead. Or being present when I'm off work, which we all know is the most important place to be present. Or giving myself enough time for myself. I am living in a travel trailer with my partner and saving money for the life change we're about to make and I'VE BEEN FUCKING SLEEPING THROUGH IT!

  I am now awake. For today, for every day. I must pay attention, keep my hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Drive. Even if it's just around the block. DO SOMETHING!

{ If I am a passenger in my life I am only baggage, to everyone and to myself. }

Yesterday I cried hard. I burned some clothes in the fire pit outside and threw some habits in with it. This may be a struggle for a while, but new habits are made after, what, 21 repetitions?! Something like that.

   Today I made sure to move. I took my body and my Rumi for a run. I can't remember the last time I really ran. It hurt.
By minute 3 my chest hurt.
Minute 5: my right runners knee began to ache.
Minute 7: knee pain replaced by shin/calf tightness.
Minute 10-14: the infamous gut ache to reiterate "You're outta shape there, buddy!"

Laziness is so, so easy. And feels good for a while. Until it doesn't.
 Hello, soil of the Earth. It's nice to feel you again.

(apparently Rae now owns the only exercise shorts in our belongings, so I borrowed them)

Latest thrift purchase $0.42 for an adorable painting by a talented person I do not know. I love it!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 Review {finally}

I suppose now that it's nearly halfway through January I should get around to posting that 2012 review I've kept in my back of my mind...
'12 was a big one, a fast one, an abandon all and have a blast one.
I graduated hair school (not as much an accomplishment, really, as it has been to start out in a booth rent salon and thrive as a new stylist).
Rae went under the knife.
We sold both our cars and bought a 4WD for the future.
Moved out of our apartment and in with my parents.
Sold/donated 95% of our belongings.
Bought a camper. Sold a camper. Bought another one.
Squeezed our whole life into a camper and a truck.
Moved into our home-on-wheels, parked in a community house backyard.
Adopted our Rumi pup.
Paid off lots of debt.
Saved lots of money.
Didn't kill each other {and on the contrary, fell deeper in love.}

January - home


May - graduation

May - gardening

June - Starlite Salon
June - crafting together

July - Las Vegas for NAHA

July - Starlite Group

August - packing up, selling, moving.
September - ohhh the fair.

October - road trip to Sulphur

November - moved into Scampi with Rumi

December - snow!

I never really state any particular resolutions at the turn of the year, and so it is with this one. But I did have a word that kept running through my mind on 2013 day one: "continue." And so I shall.

Cheers to 2012! You were a such a whirlwind of happening! And to 2013 - its good to meet you!