Tuesday, August 30, 2011


wow. i'm slightly ashamed of the fact that its the end of the month and i'm posting another "whoa, this month flew by" sort of blogs. geeeez! ah well. what i can say about that is:

1) i have been busy living, loving, coming, going, doing, being, and still becoming.
2) i hope everyone experiences such life periods where, at least for a moment, they don't feel the need to keep up with anyone but themselves.

so...august. new classes in hair school. new job for the weekends. new home.
i'm now taking guests on my own during the week in school! yippeee! on my weekends i'm serving food & drinks at a local pub. {i'll just mention here how much i <3 beer, and i will be continuing my "beer (yummm)" category of blogs soon.} i finally moved my babies with me into my love's apartment. last night was our first night all together and it felt like a very sweet sigh. the rushing current of this existence has merged our waters. we flow together now, naturally.

 finally got my carrot tattoo!

 rae & joey playing at the deli

 night time driving camera fun

 coffee & cream mornings

 and unwelcome morning photographs

 kitty games

 lunch dates



cheers for September!