Friday, August 12, 2016

Events of Summer

I kept waiting for summer to 'start' and now I'm realizing its halfway over. It's been more gray and rainy than my last three summers here. Aside from not having the usual "sun-is-out-must-be-outside" feeling that comes with Seattle summer, there have been so many great happenings.

In July I biked STP (Seattle To Portland) with over 10,000 other riders. I did it as a two day trip to enjoy the experience, but definitely found myself flirting with a race-y sort of motivation. Not surprised. My total time was 14.5 hours, including stops/breaks. 205 miles felt great and I'm looking forward to my next ride - Bike for MS. It's a fundraising ride for multiple sclerosis research and I'm part of a team led by a barbershop client of mine. There is a fundraising minimum that I am challenging myself to reach, if you feel moved you can donate here or spread the word!

STP ride - camping in Winlock, WA

Also in July, Rae and I took a day trip North to Chuckanut Drive and Taylor Shellfish Farm. 
Sun, water, and oysters!

Edison, WA

Teddy Bear Cover

Tulip Valley Vineyard

Tulip Valley Winery

Our dear Oklahomies Lauren, Kai, Kavi & Briam were in Seattle for a weekend. It happened to be the same weekend we needed to process our apples for cider, which was nearly miraculous in timing. I left for work as everyone began preparing for the full day of pulverizing and pressing apples. I arrived home to five very exhausted loves and nearly 8 gallons of fresh apple juice. Given the amount of juice and typical yield I am guessing we had about 117 lbs of apples. What would we have done without them?! Cheers to chosen family who will spend their vacation time laboring on your land with you!

Rae, Lauren, Kavi & Briam on Vashon Island

Kai & Briam

Lauren & Kai headed back South on their journey home while we welcomed my dad and stepmom, Christina, to the city. It's hard to come up with a good summation of parents visiting my new home, so I'll just say it was exactly what I needed. We ate, drank, saw the city and were able to just Be for a few days.

View from the Space Needle

The Locks

Ferry to Whidbey Island

Cheers to summer!

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